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It’s life’s simple moments that really get me inspired. Endless sun soaked walks with my pup Ollie + husband Michael, thrifting, vegging out on the beach until I've lost track of time, coffee shops with pals, testing out a new vegan recipe, or sharing a glass of wine with the people that I love. I live for the small, slow, nostalgic moments. 

Growing up, I was a quiet observer, always dreaming and creating. I'd sit on the floor with bins full of photo albums, having my mom retell me stories sparked from photographs. I never really knew why I was so interested in these memories, but in middle school, I found a film camera that belonged to my dad in the 80’s, and something clicked - I can make these same memories for my family, and for others, to revisit for decades to come. My desire to photograph + document grew so organically, and now I'm lucky enough to say that I have been photographing professionally for nine years, and truly never see myself stopping.

Photographs are an irreplaceable, tangible way to hold onto loved ones and their stories.

Based in Wilmington,
North Carolina

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film photos / fluffy clouds / travel / vegan recipes / thrift shops / mid-century design

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My work focuses on the subtle moments, genuine interaction, and beautiful light. My purpose is to uncover the moments that are already in front of you. My approach is organic, and heart-driven, allowing me to focus on smaller details - without forcing moments to happen. I work with my clients for build a trust and understanding of where they are, and the moments that are meaningful to them. Trust is key, and once it is established - that is where creativity flourishes.

I am endlessly inspired by film, showcasing raw, unedited and in-the-moment snapshots. I use my knowledge and experience to convey a timeless blend of modern and vintage, current yet classic. Our lives are not contrived of perfect Pinterest moments, and that is how I want to remember it - the good, the sad, the excitement, all of it.

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