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        PLANNING YOUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: choosing a location

        Sure, the beach is a classic spot for engagement photos, but does it have specific significance to your relationship with your partner? If it does, go for it! But what about that coffee shop that you had your first date, or the parking lot overlooking the river where you shared you first kiss while watching the sunset? Those are the memories that I am hoping to capture. 

        I encourage you and your partner to really dig deep into the foundations of your relationship to choose a spot to have your engagement photos taken. I want you to remember where it all began, where you fell in love and shared some of your first spark-filled encounters. Don’t worry, the best part about hiring a professional photographer is that I can turn any setting into something really special in a photograph. 

        Here are some questions to get your brain going:

        – where was the first place you met?

        – the first place that you went on a date?

        – go-to date spot?

        – where you became a couple?

        – where the proposal happened

        – fav spot to grab a beer/cocktail

        – fav spot to watch the sunset

        You get the point – think of significant day-to-day spots, and leave the rest to me! 

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